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mixed by
Dmitry Molosh
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Known for their classy take on progressive house, Transpecta branch out into the world of the compilation mix market with the considerable talents of Dmitry Molosh at the controls. ‘Impressive Progressive’ is a snapshot of Transpecta’s incredible back catalogue and some unreleased premiers with stand out tracks from label favourites, East Cafe, Darko De Jan and Rick Pier O’Neil.

One of the stars of the recent progressive house renaissance is most assuredly Dmitry Molosh. The Belarusian globe-trotting DJ and genre-defining producer has been making ever-larger waves for many years now from his rapier-sharp musical focus. Ever the consummate professional, Dmitry brings a lifetime of passion and the studio skills of someone twice his age to bare on Impressive Progressive, compiling and mixing nothing short of a perfect journey through sound.


The beauty of Dmitry’s own music is in its elegance. Long drawn out passages of percussion making way for glistening melodies which totally captivate you. With this mix, he has explored those ideas fully; playfully marrying beats and melodies into one cohesive and dramatic whole. Opening with East Cafe’s epic ‘Only I Am To Blame’ Molosh patiently shifts through the gears drawing the listener deeper into the Transpecta rabbithole. Highlights come thick and fast, including Tripswitch’s incredible remix of ‘The Way You Left Us’, Dmitry’s own reworking of Darko De Jan’s Undisclosed Ambitions and Rick Pier O’Neil’s peak-time monster, ‘Square Garden’.

Full Tracklist:

  1. East Cafe - Only I Am To Blame (Original Mix)

  2. Rick Pier O'Neil - Diamond (Wes Straub Remix)

  3. Darko De Jan - Breinz (Matan Caspi Remix)

  4. Tali Muss - Ganesa (Original Mix)

  5. Darko De Jan - Spectrumized (Donatello Remix)

  6. East Cafe - The Way You Left Us (Tripswitch Remix)

  7. Donatello - Moon Walk (Stan Kolev Remix)

  8. Darko De Jan feat. Esphyr - Undisclosed Ambitions (Dmitry Molosh Remix)

  9. IMGFriend - We Don't Stop (Donatello Remix)

  10. IMGFriend & Darko De Jan - Sharkstar (Ben Coda Remix)

  11. Rick Pier O'Neil - Square Garden (Original Mix)

  12. Darko De Jan feat. Esphyr - Clairvoyant (Dezza Remix)

  13. Tali Muss feat. Esphyr - Rain (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

  14. Esphyr - Emotions (Seamus Haji Remix)

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